Commanding New Driveway to the Seaford College Mansion

We can hear the applause from afar for the fantastic, newly covered, driveway that now aptly complements Seaford College's magnificent grounds, as you travel up to Mansion.

It was a large investment, but we are really impressed with the result. Many Old Seafordians, especially those from the days of long-term boarding, will remember the excitement and perhaps the apprehension one feels approaching the Mansion via the mile long drive ... and, perhaps, the feeling of elation driving away again at the end of term! Current school parents continue to marvel at the views, regularly complimenting the reception staff when dropping off their children, who are now more likely to be either flexi-boarders or day pupils.

Congratulations to Seaford College for making this happen; another part of the general investment programme for "Seaford 2020".

Thanks to Karen Grantham-Smith, Seaford Photographer, for the lovely photo of the new driveway leading to Mansion.

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Large image of the new driveway at Seaford College

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